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Not All Water Is Created Equal 

Here you will learn about the benfits of Vollara Water and how it impacts your health.  Hopefully you know the importance of drinking enough water.  Chronic dehydration is an extremely common problem, and research has taught us that dehydration leads to acidosis which leads to many diseases and conditions.  Not being properly hydrated also makes it more difficult to lose weight.  We age faster, we have less energy, and basically it is more difficult for our body to perform the way it is designed to.  The average person should be consuming at least half of their body weight in ounces per day.  As an example, for a 140 pound person, they should be drinking at least 70 ounces of good quality water each and every day. 

If you think that dehydration is not a problem for you, think again.  By the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  I also ready a recent article stating that the epidemic of obesity could be solved if people were simply drinking enough water.

But, is drinking enough water really enough?  I have learned that drinking the right kind of water, ionized alkaline water, and my personal choice of Vollara water, is truly the best water to drink for several reasons. 

waterfall 150x150 The Water We Drink   Vollara WaterVollara Living Water is the ONLY water I drink…

1.  Vollara water is Super hydrating!  Also known as structured water or micro-clustered water.  In basic terms, through ionization the molecules are significantly smaller for better absorption at cellular level.  This means when you drink Vollara Water, you absorb the water more quickly and easily creating better hydration overall! 

2. Vollara water is pH Balancing.  The human body works best at a pH level between 7.3 – 7.4  to combat the acid in our bodies, it is important to drink water that is more alkaline on the pH scale ranging from 8.0 – 10.0 for best results.  Alkalized water makes it easier to reduce the effects from acidic foods and beverages consumed on a daily basis.  Several studies have also shown that disease thrives in an acidic environment, where an alkaline environment is best for disease prevention.  You can test your own pH through a simple saliva test, and test strips can be purchased at most health food stores.  The majority of beverages today are acidic including bottled water, soda, and sports and fitness drinks.  pH Video here.  Drinking Vollara Water helps you to restore your body to a more alkaline state for optimal body function and performance.

3.  Vollara water has Antioxidant properties.  I am going to venture to say you won’t find another product on the market with better antioxidant properties than ionized alkaline water.  Why is an antioxidant important?  It is essential to neutralize free radicals in the body.  Free radicals are a bi-product of normal body processes, but in excess, they can wreak havoc on our cells, which leads to a weakening of our tissues and organs.  Free radicals are a major contributor to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, muscle and tissues degeneration, and diabetes to name a few.  Antioxidant is measured by ORP or oxidation reduction potential.  A positive ORP is an oxidant, while a negative ORP is an antioxidant.  With our Living water (ionized alkaline water) you can produce drinking water with negative ORP of -300 to -400 or more.  Examples:  tap water can be anywhere from +250 to +300 or higher, soda +400, bottled water +250 or higher/ green tea -100, cod liver oil -200 and Vollara water -400 which is really good!  ORP Video here. 

4.  Vollara water has Naturally occurring minerals. Have you ever seen a glacial stream or an iceberg 150x150 The Water We Drink   Vollara Water iceburg?  They have a beautiful blue hue to them, simply because they are saturated with natural minerals.  If you have ever tasted glacial water, it tastes great and seems to quench your thirst much better.  It is the natural properties of the water.  Most bottled waters, treated waters, and water filters strip the minerals essential to our body.  When you drink Vollara water you’ll notice that it tastes better, and seems to absorb better.  Our bodies need natural minerals, so you want to avoid drinking water that filters them out.

Why I Chose Vollara Water For My Transformation 

Vollara water, or Living Water, is the next generation in ionized alkaline water technology.  It is designed by the first patent holder of water ionizers in the US, but the newest version available.  Since it’s the next generation, it is better technology with a better price.  In fact, we come in 50% less in price than the leading competition on the market!  It has incredible features in it’s design making it more user friendly, not to mention it has direct disk ionization instead of the old style plates commonly used in other models. 

Bottom line, I love it, I feel better, I have more energy, and average 5 lbs less than my normal body weight since I started drinking Vollara Water!  When I first tried Vollara water, my results were subtle.  At the time, my youngest son was still not sleeping through the night, and I was waking on average two to three times a night.  Before drinking Vollara water, I would wake up feeling groggy, and it would take a few minutes to pull myself out of bed.  After only two weeks, I was waking up refreshed, had more energy, and had no problem starting my day.  I also found that I began to crave the water above everything else, so I began to drink more water, resulting in better hydration.  Now, our whole family drinks Vollara water! 

Who Should Be Drinking Vollara Water?

Everyone!  Since good health is really about prevention, we all should be focusing on better hydration.  Especially people suffering from chronic conditions, or are more prone to illness, have a family history of disease should be drinking Vollara water!  Check out this article regarding diabetes and alkaline water. AlkalineWaterandDiabetes Imagine if we can solve problems related to diabetes, what we could do concerning more health ailments…the possibilities are endless!

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