Ahhh, the infamous voice of reason. We’ve all probably at some point been told to listen to it. You know the one that is suppose to be a voice of wisdom. But has our voice of reason really turned into a voice of doubt? When do you typically hear this advice? Either when you are doing something completely stupid or something that other people cannot understand. Then you hear all the logical reasons why you shouldn’t be doing whatever it is you are doing.

Sometimes this voice of reason can be wise, but in other times, it is simply a voice that speaks to you out of doubt and fear. Let me explain. The wise voice is one that ultimately protects you from harm. If you are participating in some sort of activity or behavior that has no potential of contributing something positive to your life, or the lives of others, then your voice of reason will tell you to make a better choice.

On the other hand, some advice may be disguised as a means todreamstealer 200x300 Does Your Voice of Reason Sound More Like A Voice of Doubt? protect, when in reality it only keeps you from doing something you should be doing. If you have ever made a decision to take a risk, to do something different with your life such as start a business, or make a career change, you have probably been met with resistance from others.

Voice Of Reason…The Dream Stealers

One might call it well intentioned advice. I call it as I see it…the nay-sayers. These are the people that will plant the seeds of doubt in your mind and call it logic. They mask the doubt inside the voice of reason. It sounds something like this…

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“You might not want to quit your job just yet.”

“What if it doesn’t turn out the way you expect?”

“Don’t you think it would be better to keep your job and just work your business part time…I mean just in case something happens?”

“You should probably have a plan B, just in case.”

“But you have a great job, you would be crazy to let that go.”

“I don’t know if a product like that will sell very well.”

“Don’t you think you should think about it a little more?”

“How much do you really know about this company or these people?”

“I read something negative about that company online.”

“I am not saying it won’t work, BUT 9 out of 10 businesses fail.”

“Do you think this is the best time to do this, especially with the way the economy is?”

After you hear this “voice of reason” enough, you begin to question it too. You start to ask yourself questions like this…

voice of reason 300x153 Does Your Voice of Reason Sound More Like A Voice of Doubt?

“What if I am wrong?”

“What if I don’t make it and I cost my family money?”

“Can I really do this?”

“What if I fail?”

“What if I am not looking at this right?”

“Am I being too trusting?”

“Am I rushing into this?”

“Can I really afford this?”

“Am I being too much of a risk taker?”

“What if everyone else is right?”

Before you know it, that voice of doubt can flourish, and you decide to play it safe. You might still proceed with your path of choice, but with a lot less conviction and a little seed of negative expectation. Whenever you have a small seed of negative expectation, the first sign of struggle or challenges will send you running in agreement with all the nay-sayers.

What is the lesson here? Sometimes a voice of reason is nothing more than a well intentioned set of lies. It can be the skeptics of the world’s way to protect you, when in reality they have just limited your growth. You know the advice… “I just don’t want to see you make a huge mistake” or “I just don’t want to see you get hurt.”  Usually people don’t intend to stunt your growth, they just don’t know any better.  Seeds of doubt are nothing more than dream stealers.

Keep things in perspective. If you are making a decision to do something that could ultimately benefit you and others…something that has the potential of an incredible outcome, ignore the nay-sayers logic and voice of reason. Listen to your intuition, your gut instincts, and to the voice of your dreams.

Instead of agreeing with the “what if it doesn’t” scenarios, start asking “what if it does?”

Agreeing with your dreams doesn’t always mean you’ll succeed the first time. There are no guarantees, but don’t let that stop you from trying again. Don’t allow the voice of reason or the voice of others determine your potential.

What are your thoughts?  Share your comments below!!

To YOUR Success!

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