Okay, so I don’t know if the life sucks trend has gone global, but it sure is trying to take over my world, and most likely yours.

It is no doubt that people are experiencing very difficult times right now. The middle class is quickly shrinking making it difficult for average families to keep up with their bills. Keeping the lights on and food on the table isn’t something we take for granted any longer. Many are shouting out without hesitation…LIFE SUCKS!

Life sucks? This is a word of warning…a major lesson in caution. Tread very carefully…

It happened to me. The evening after Thanksgiving, our family had a nice getmegaphone shouting 150x150 Warning: Life Sucks Trend Gone Global together. After dinner and few drinks the conversation began. Of course those touchy conversations always happen after a few glasses of wine and the flood gates open. A family member who will remain anonymous, looked me straight in the eye and said “Jodi, life sucks.” This person was awaiting a response in agreement to that statement.

Instead, I said “no it doesn’t.” To which this person replied “yes it does, life just sucks.” I held my ground. I was not going to concede, I refused to give in to the apparent challenge. I don’t care what is going on around me, I will not fuel this fire.

Why would I not just agree and say “yes, sometimes life sucks” and end the conversation? Because I don’t agree with that statement, AT ALL. Sure, life throws us curve balls, and yes, at times life is very difficult. At times life can seem unbearable, and hard to endure. BUT, I will not fill my mind with such nonsense or create any type of negative belief for myself.

Why not you ask? “It is what it is” some might say. No, it is what you believe it is. If you or I begin to agree with that statement and we begin to think life sucks, we ultimately write our own ticket to Life Sucks-Ville on a one way train. Sorry, but I will not and you should not create your own negative down hill future.

Life sucks is a lie.

Experiences suck sometimes, but be careful to not completely define your life by such death inducing terms.

No matter what is going on, I choose to see the positive and the possibilities. My response of why life doesn’t suck was this… “difficult times allow you to see your blessings more clearly.” I continued to express to this person that every day I have a list of things to be thankful for.

I wake up every day grateful for life. I am alive, my kids are alive. We are all healthy. I look at the simple fact that my kids can walk, talk, see, touch, feel, and experience life. I don’t see the challenges as defeat. I refuse to believe life sucks. I see challenges as opportunities, and so should you.

I see the wonders of the world and abundance all around us. I see gifts from God that come in all sorts of packages. Okay, if you are thinking I am escaping reality in some sort of dream world, that’s okay. You are entitled to your opinion. However, which attitude do you think will produce more fruit in life? The life sucks attitude or the life is filled with endless abundance attitude?

I think we both know the answer to that.

The Life Sucks Attitude Is A Death Sentence

vultures 300x180 Warning: Life Sucks Trend Gone GlobalSo the lesson and warning is this. If you give in to the life sucks attitude, you will always answer to the life sucks attitude. It will show up in everything you do. Your attitude, your thoughts, and your words have the power to breathe life or death into any situation.

BUT, if you refuse to give in to that type of thinking and focus your energy on what you have, rather than what you don’t have, you give yourself a much higher chance at increasing your blessings.

Here is your choice. You can join the trend and shout from the roof tops Life Sucks…and you can then attract more of what you don’t want into your life…such as more friends who all agree with you that life sucks who will continue to spread the great news of a downward spiral.

OR you can choose a new attitude and shout out I BELIEF IN LIFE’S ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! AND attract more of what you want in life. After all, life is all about choices. So if you think life sucks, keep on walking…find someone else to join your pity party, because I won’t. Life or death is in the power of the tongue, and I am choosing to speak life.

How about you?

Share your thoughts and comment below!!

To YOUR Endless Possibilities!

Jodi signature Warning: Life Sucks Trend Gone Global

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